Google AdWords Services

Google AdWords Services


Although Google AdWords can be a great sales force for your business, the setup process can be a bit tedious to set up and manage all on your own.

At Sanskruti Technologies, we’re experienced at developing and maintaining Google AdWords campaigns for our customers. Let us analyze your business in detail with you to determine what keywords and key phrases will best represent your products or services. This, in turn, will increase company sales.

We will review your business and advertising goals with you directly and then perform the following:

  • Help choose relevant keywords to trigger your ads
  • Write intriguing ads promoting your products or services
  • Set up cost-per-click amounts (within your daily budget) to maximize your ad exposure
  • Optional: Perform monthly management of your AdWords campaigns to ensure you are receiving a positive return on your investment (ROI)

When we setup your Google AdWords campaign, we charge a small one-time setup fee. Once the setup is complete, we’ll walk you through the AdWords program to give you an overview of how it works. At this point, you can either manage your AdWords campaigns on your own or have us manage them for you on a month-by-month basis. After this, you will pay Google directly only when someone clicks on your ads.

Interested in streamlining your Google AdWords setup process and having a specialist manage them on a monthly basis to ensure you are getting a positive return on your investment (ROI)? Contact us and we’ll get you started today with a accurate Google AdWords campaign for your business.