Gyan - Membership Website

Domain Name + Linux Hosting 2 GB + e-Commerce Website (with listed Features) @Rs. 25,000/- *
*Terms and Conditions Apply.
*Customized Solutions Available too.


Mobile Friendly (Responsive) Design

This site will be mobile friendly and will be seen beautifully across all devices, be it desktop, mobile or tablet.

Custom Member Notifications

Customize user email notifications. Various emails can be customized, including your own stylized HTML template with custom header and footer files.

Unlimited Membership Levels

Structure your membership site in the way that best fits your content, whether you are considering a hierarchical (gold, silver, bronze) or topic-oriented model.

Payment Gateway Integration

Integrates flawlessly with Stripe, with ARB, PayPal’s Website Payments with the recurring payments module, and also PayPal Express for business accounts.

Flexible Pricing And Free Trial Periods

Each membership level you define also has unique pricing information. You can define an initial payment along with a recurring billing cycle, price, membership term, and optional free or reduced-price trial period.

Members-Only Settings For All Content Types

Lock down your content or custom web applications with ease! You can also control Post content via Category.

Search Engine Optimized

Allow a search engine/search bot to crawl and index your private content so that your site can still rank for keyword searches — allowing you to attract new members or preserve search engine traffic for an existing website or blog.

Hide Advertising From Memberse

If you use ads as a way to monetize your site, you can optionally hide those ads to site members. This can be a unique value offering for users interested in having an ad-free experience on your site!

We also Offer

  1. Regular Backups / On Demand (On Required) Re-store
  2. SSL Certificate Integration
  3. Interactive Live Chat
  4. Facebook Page Creation / Maintenance
  5. Google Advertising
  6. Email & SMS Marketing