Membership Website

Membership Website

What is a Membership Website?

A membership website is a website that contains contents like articles, images, videos dedicated for its members only.
So if one wants to access the contents of this type of website, one has to register and subscribe for the membership content. They are then provided a username and a password to access the membership content.

Membership Website Features

Unlimited Membership Levels

  • Unlimited membership levels, whether you are considering a hierarchical (gold, silver, bronze) or topic-oriented model.
  • A page to list available membership levels and their description.
  • Can add other authors as well. Separate logins for each author and different levels of access for authors.
  • Content can be given for free and or can be charged for.

Payment Gateway Integration

  • PayPal integration .Allow users to checkout

Flexible Pricing and Free Trial Periods

  • Each membership level can have unique pricing information. You can define an initial payment along with a recurring billing cycle, price, membership term, and optional free or reduced-price trial period.
  • Each membership level can have a custom billing cycle. You can choose from a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual pricing.
  • You can define the length and price of an introductory trial period or use it to charge a larger up-front cost and then lower monthly costs thereafter. Or, give members the first X days free then the plugin will automatically bill them according to their membership level terms after X days — without any input from you!

Members-only Settings for all Content Types

  • Lock down your content or custom web applications with ease!
  • Easily manage what content requires what membership

Search Engine Optimized

  • Advanced Option to Set the “Show Excerpts to Non-Members?” to allow a search engine/search bot to crawl and index your private content so that your site can still rank for keyword searches — allowing you to attract new members or preserve search engine traffic for an existing website or blog.

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