Sure Status

Sure Status

Embroidery Machine Status System

A simple, robust, accurate, reliable and cost effective system to monitor the performance and outages of your embroidery machines  from the comfort of your office, home or even on the go.

Get complete performance report for your embroidery machines with ease.

Salient Features

  • Robust, Accurate, Reliable
  • 99% Accurate
  • Completely Automatic
  • Plug and Play (No Cumbersome Cabling)
  • Option of Online*/Offline
  • Cost Effective
  • Check Status Remotely**
  • SMS Alerts (Coming Soon)
  • Mobile App (Coming Soon)
  • Operate on any device—Desktop, Laptop, Android/iPhone Mobiles/Tablets
  • Real Time Dashboard with vital Information
  • Highly Customizable Reporting
  • Track Progress of last 3 months***
  • Problems Notification
  • 2 Hour**** Breakdown Support
  • Wage Calculations (Coming Soon)

*Constant Internet Connection required for online option.
**Online Option required for checking status remotely. Application may be accessed within premises for hand-held devises
***Please ask if you need more than 3 months progress details
****For Minor problems. Major Problem may require a little longer time.