Do You Even Need a Website in a World of Social Media?

You have a strong social media presence. Do you still need a website?
Yes, because there are ways website can help your business in ways social media cannot.

1. You Control Your Online Content .

When your content and contact information is only on social media, that information is available at the discretion of social network. Even when your audience follow your page or have subscribed to your content. the social network might not even show the post to all your audience. This is not the case when you own your website. You have complete control over the information your visitors see and decide how to present it,

Although, losing social media access is rare, it is a real concern. We have seen Social Networks getting banned or getting shut down.  Think about how a change like that would affect you if your content or business information is only available on social.

2. You’re Easier to Find and Inspire More Trust

How do you look for things? If you are like 80 percent or so of the population, you will rely on search engines to find what you’re looking for. Or would you go to each social network you are on and use their search tool? Without a website, your business or page is a lot less visible to people outside your social networks.

A website gives you freedom to influence how you appear in search results. You can use SEO Best Practices to help your site rank higher for the keywords your audience uses.  You can use schema markup on your site to display rich results like summaries, reviews, recipes, or whatever’s relevant to your niche and your audience.

Social networks are losing credibility thanks to data breaches, privacy concerns, and fake news scandals. On other hand, people trust web search and company websites. So even if you have a strong social media following, a website can boost your credibility.

3. You Can Create and Share Content the Way You Want

Twitter has a 280 character limit. Instagram Stories videos max out at 15 seconds. 
You have more creative freedom on your own site than on most social networks. Serve up samples in your social posts to bring people to your site and start conversations about your work.

You can make your website look however you want it to look, rather than being stuck with the format and color scheme of your social networks.

Also it is usually easier to search your own site than to dig though your old social media posts. 

4. You Can Make Money the Way You Want

If you’re serious about earning money online, a strong social media presence is a valuable part of your marketing program. But a website is key because it gives you options social doesn’t.

First, you can create a better, more valuable email list with a website. Yes, you can encourage your social followers to opt in to your list, but remember that when people are ready to make a purchase, they look for websites. If you have one and people visit it, that means they’re already interested in buying what you offer. These are the people who are most likely to be valuable email list members.

It’s also easier to make an opt-in offer visible on a website than on social media, because you can create a pop-up or eye-catching opt-in box on your site instead of having to rely on a post in the same format as all the other social posts on the network.

Do You Even Need a Website in a World of Social Media?

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