How to cope up with a lost or a stolen mobile phone?

With an increase in the usage of mobile phones,an equally high rate of its thefts take place every year.Unfortunately,the victim,whose mobile phone is stolen,accepts it as either his fate or his carelessness and monetarily calculates his loses with reference to the price of the stolen mobile.However,it is not only the pecuniary loss that matters but one needs to also take into consideration the loss of data in terms of contact details in the phone-book,the downloaded music,photographs,videos and other information that was stored in the mobile.In case the mobile was of a higher version with latest technology,internet access,etc;the loses would mount further.With mobile becoming a part of one’s daily necessity,it loses would further result in the person becoming crippled without its access.Though few may be lucky enough to retrieve their phones back in case they are merely misplaced at public places and land in the person’s hand who believes ‘Honesty is the best policy.’;yet such chances are very less.However,in case one permanently loses his mobile here are a few tips to handle the aftershocks.These tips indirectly buzz about the possible threats of a lost mobile:

  • Generally mobile phones are not insured.However,it is necessary to file a first information report/FIR at the local police station when the mobile phone is stolen.However at times when reporting FIR,the word,’misplaced’ is used by the police instead of ‘theft’. Though it ultimately means loss for its owner,it officially saves the time and energy of investigating the accused.
  • It is very important to inform the respective service provider to immediately discontinue the service of the stolen mobile phone.Failing to act on this instantly would extend the financial loss further as the bill amount of the phone calls made by the thief before deactivation of service will have to borne by the ex-owner.In case of prepaid scheme the losses will be limited only to the extent to which it is recharged,while in case of post-paid services,it could be unlimited.
  • In case mobile banking is activated,it is important to inform the bank officials to stop sending SMSes to avoid fraudulent use.The service can be restarted after the new mobile phone is bought and a new number is activated.
  • In case the thief is smart enough to destroy the SIM card and thinks he can make himself and the stolen phone in accessible,the mobile technology is smarter.Each mobile handset is equipped with an excellent feature known as International Mobile Equipment Identity/IMEI. The IMEI is an unique 15 digit number given to each handset which makes it geographically traceable by its service provider at any given point of time .To find out the IMEI number press *#06# and the number is immediately displayed on your mobile.Note this number on future reference in case need be.
  • Unfortunately,the service providers do not make an effort to trace the handsets under the pretext of not invading one’s privacy as it involves extra efforts and expenses at their end.
  • According to human psychology,the person whose mobile is stolen would wish that his mobile should prove equally ineffective and incapable of being used by the thief.This can also be done by the service provider company,provided the IMEI code is informed them.
  • Though the above remedial measures indirectly also portray the possible threats of losing the mobile due to either one’s negligence or being outsmarted by someone else,the bottom line is:either dig it,derive it or ultimately destroy it.
How to cope up with a lost or a stolen mobile phone?

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