How to Design a Landing Page That Convert your visitors to Customers

You want to encourage your website visitors to give you their email , click on CTA or register for Newsletter or your free Trial. You can do so by carefully planning your Landing Page.

Depending on your target audience and what you want them to do, you can use more than one of the following elements at a time.

To maximize your landing page’s conversion rate, you’ll need to include different elements on your landing pages to encourage visitors to give you their email, click on the CTA. Some are likely to work better depending on your audience, landing page design, and intent, but you can use more than one of these elements at a time:

Email Forms

An easy to fill and eye catching email form can help you collect those valuable authentic emails

Keep the form simple, asking only for an email address and possibly your guest’s name. Don’t ask for a phone number. Remember that most people will be typing this on their mobile device, and every additional field they have to enter increases the chance they will abandon the form.


Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

The most important part of your landing page, the CTA button should be eye-catching and stand out. Good CTAs use bold text, outlines, hover animation, and contrasting colors.

The text in these should be limited, so using phrases like “free,” “limited time offer,” or “sign up” are often used depending on the action desired. Your landing page conversion rate depends on a strong CTA, so don’t treat it as an afterthought. 


The text you use on your landing page can convince someone to click subscribe or ignore it. You want to give users good information, such as how often you send emails and what kind of information a subscriber can expect to receive.

Less copy in bold text may sometimes work better than paragraphs explaining your product in detail. 

Word choice should also be exciting, not salesy, and testing different variations is a good idea to see what resonates with your visitors.


While we tend to dislike these as consumers, there’s no denying that popups work. The current conversion rate for popups hovers around 3% but increases with a good design and marketing strategy. 

Sleeknote found that timing a pop-up to appear after eight seconds yielded a conversion rate of 3.62% compared to only 1.61% when the popup appeared after 20 seconds.


Final Thoughts

Getting more people to sign up to your email list will give you more independence in your marketing efforts and connect you with customers.

Landing pages are a great space to get these email addresses, but you should tweak their design, content, and copy to optimize them and encourage conversions. 

Good design practices include high-quality graphics with easy-to-read text. Animations and video also draw eyes, but you want your landing page to be responsive and lightning-fast to prevent users from bouncing before signing up.

How to Design a Landing Page That Convert your visitors to Customers

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