Must have Features for your Website

Planning for a new website project or want to redesign an old one? Make sure to have 6 important features on your website.

1. Easy to remember Domain Name:

It is critical to do your research and select a domain name that is simple, unique and memorable.
Domain name should be simple and easy for your users to type into their browser’s address bar. Rule of thumb, dont use dash or underscores.
Domain name are always unique. However, if there is another domain name that is very similar to yours the users might get confused.
Try to book the domain name with .com whenever possible.

2. A Clear Description of Your Business:

As soon as a users lands on your website, your business or purpose of your website should be immediately clear.
Your home page must contain information of who you are and how you can help the user.

3. Call to Actions:

So you got visitors on your website, and they loved your idea or business, now what?
Give them a clear Call to Action – what you want them to do – it might mean making a purchase, submitting a contact form, or even subscribing to a newsletter. Whatever it is you want visitors to do, tell them through clear call to action buttons or forms.

4. Contact Information:

Obviously, you will put contact information. But, make sure to put it at multiple places.
Top Header, Footer, Contact Page. make it easy for your visitors to connect to you.
Someone scrolling down to footer is looking for a way to connect to you. Someone looking for and clicking on the contact page is planning to drop in a message. Make it as easy for them to do.

5. Mobile Friendly or Responsive Design:

Changes are the major visitors to your website are on their mobile phone, and if they cannot see it properly
on the smart phone, they are not coming back. This must be your top priority. Also it helps you rank higher on search engines.

6. Staff Photos and Biographies:

People trust faces. And smiling ones. They want to know who you are. Adding Names, Designation and a little personal information with them creates wonders in creating trust.

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Must have Features for your Website

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