Employee Attendance System

It is a Web Application to mark daily attendance of Employee. The purpose of developing Attendance System is, to computerize the tradition way of taking attendance, which is time consuming, more error prone, and complex for calculation. This web-based Attendance System Application is specifically designed to help administration to make daily attendance marking faster, more accurate and simpler due to its auto computation features.

It is Responsive, which means the application can be viewed beautifully in any screen resolutions and all devices.


Employee Detail

Managing employee details like in time, out time, username, password, salary. from username and password user can log in. From in time and out time it will check that employee’s late as well as early timing and it will affect in salary. If Employee working part time or for particular hour then also this system will work. If any people leave the job than just press Previous button so that employee will add in previous employee. So you can get all data of current as well as previous employee.


Managing employee’s attendance details in database. In That one security is there that is : Employee can only put their self but from only registered PC. PC can register by only ADMIN. So, Employee can’t put their attendance from home or anywhere else.We took in time, out time and salary of each employee when admin add employee. We give permission to employee for 3 times 15 minutes late or early in month. After that its count as Half Day. Admin can change that status.

For Attendance two views are there.

1.Admin View

Admin can see all employee’s name and two button for see attendance and report of particular employee.

2.Employee View

Employee can see their own attendance sheet.

Admin Dashboard

Employee Dashboard

Leave Management

Managing Leaves of Employee. Half day/ Full day Leave management. If leave is not authorized and then also employee takes leave then it will count as two days leave.

Holiday Management

Managing holidays. Admin can add holidays so those dates are consider as holiday.

Task Management

Managing Task. Admin can give task to employee. So employee can see task which are given them and replay their out come and close that task.Admin can see all pending as well as close task.

Daily Reports

Managing daily report. In this system employee have to add report which they work today. After submit report employee have out time button.

Salary Management

Managing employee’s salary details. Salary will count on presents days of employee. Absent, half day, leave will cut from employee’s salary.

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