Point of Sale

Point of Sale
Turn your Retail Small Business into a Customer Focused, Profit Generating Machine

Point of Sale is a customizable software that is best suitable for your retail businesses, small or medium scale business . 

Manage the financial transactions, interact with customers more feasibly, and ease up the regular business operations with this software and see the growth of your business.  

Type of retail businesses that can use POS

Book Store
Mobile Shop
Clothing Stores
Sporting Goods
Toy Shops

Features :

Inventory management

Stay well informed with alerts and warning of the inventories

E- commerce integration

Easy to sync inventory, images, tags, categories with WooCommerce store

Online integration to QuickBooks

Sync all your data to QuickBooks online easily for ease of accounting

Delivery management

Record and track the sales transactions more efficiently


Get extensive reports to get an insight of your business

Coupons and promotions

Generate coupons and other promotions for specific deals and print on receipts.

Gift cards

Sell and redeem gift cards

Cash management

Track cash in the register, reporting of shortages and overages available

Track appointments

Easy to track appointments in monthly, weekly and daily calenders

Purchase order

Generate automatic purchase orders, and e- mails the suppliers, based on replenish levels

Transfer stock

Easily transfer inventory between locations via our receivings module

Fast employee On-boarding

Little training required , it is easy to use and highly intuitive


API with custom development which allows extensive customizations and work flow

Cross platform Mobile compatibility

You can use our Mobile App on Android or iOS

Custom fields

Add information like Birthdays, Additional Phone Numbers, Emails, Ect. to your customers, employees, suppliers, and items Databases

Custom Views

Choose the fields you want to display for items, kits, customers, suppliers, and employees

Easy import and export

Set up your store quickly and easily by importing your database such as Customers, items, Suppliers, and so on with the Import/export tool

Email Marketing & Review Management

You can keep in contact with your customers with our mailchimp, BlueJay Reviews, & Platform.ly integrations

Currency Exchange

Easily Accept any Currency Denomination While making a Sale or Return

Multiple locations

Designed so you can easily add store locations as your business requirements change

Barcode Label Printing

Easily Create barcode labels for your products when they arrive in your store or on demand

Payment Options

In addition to Integrated Credit Card, EBT/EBT Processing, Cash, Check, Gift cards you can define your own custom payment methods


Track employee commissions easily right down to the item level. Flexibility on the commission application

Customer facing display

Gain trust of customers by using a 2nd screen to display

Tier Pricing

Set different price levels for your items. You can assign a customer to a tier so as to ensure they always get the right price 
For example a wholesale tier

Multiple Languages

Designed to support multiple languages

Employee Time Clock

Easily Track your employee’s time on the job with an integrated time clock feature

Email Receipts

Easy to set up Point of sale to send receipts, invoices, and purchase orders to customers and suppliers via Email

Serial Numbers

You can now manage items with serial numbers and optionally you can also assign different prices depending on the serial number

Series Items

You can sell a package of items that are redeemed over time such as a service package.

Store Accounts

Utilize our Store Accounts feature which is a line of credit for your customers and for suppliers

Custom Receipts

Customize your receipts to match what you need for you business. There are 20 different configuration options for making your receipts

Customer Loyalty Programs

Create Loyalty programs to keep you customers coming back. Choose between 2 different types of loyalty programs to offer your customers

Internal Messaging

Send messages and announcements to all of your employees and they will see them when they log in

Benefits :

Saves time by streamlining the processes
Accuracy and efficiency
Increase in Sales
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