St Category Email Subscribe


Version 0.9

Plugin to allow visitors to subscribe based on category of posts

Surprisingly there is no plugin available to allow users to subscribe for posts on a wordpress website based on category. A subscriber for one category might not want to receive posts of another category. This plugin will help you to do that. Once a subscriber is added for a particular category, he/she will receive emails as soon as a post is published in that category.

1. Add Subscribers for their desired category<br>
2. Use Widget or Short Code to display Subscriber Form<br>
3. Add the Subscribers manually, or upload in batch from a CSV file<br>
4.Email will be sent to all subscribers as soon as a post is published in that category<br>
5. Translate ready! Help translate in your language.

[[st _category_subscribe_form]]

Like our posts? Subscribe to our newsletter

[[st _category_subscribe_form showname=false showcategory=false]]

This will hide the name and category fields

Like our posts? Subscribe to our newsletter

[[st _category_subscribe_form prepend=’Subscribe’ nametxt=’Your Name Please’ emailtxt=’Your Email Please’ categorytxt=’Topics you like’ submittxt=’Subscribe’]]

This changes label of Name , Email and Category Fields and Button


[[st _category_subscribe_form jsthanks=false]]

Disable the Thank You Alert

Like our posts? Subscribe to our newsletter

[[st _category_subscribe_form thankyou=’Subscription Successful’]]

Change the Thank you text in Alert

Like our posts? Subscribe to our newsletter

  1. Download the Plugin using the Install Plugins OR Upload folder st-category-email-subscribe to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Add Subscribers in St Category Email Subscribe > Subscribers (See How to use in Other Notes)
  4. Place [[st _category_subscribe_form]] in your page/post where you want to display the subscriber form
  5. You may also use the Widget : Category Email Subscribe Form to display subscriber form
  1. Go To St Category Email Subscribe In Side Menu
  2. Enter the Send Email from Email and Name in Settings
  3. Add Subscribers by :
    1. Allow users to Subscribe using Subscription Form
      You can either use the widget to display the Subscription from
      Or use shortcode [[st _category_subscribe_form]] to display subscription form.
    2. Upload a Subscriber Manually
      Go to St Category Email Subscribe > Subscriber
      Go to Add a Subscriber
      Enter the details and press button Subscribe
    3. Upload using CSV File
      The Format of CSV File must be as below :
      The First line must be headers as it is ignored while uploading.
      From the second line, the data should begin in following order :
      Name,Email,Category ID
      Category ID : 0 for all categories, Category ID for a particular category.
  4. The Added Subscribers will be shown in the table
  5. You can Unsubscribe the Subscriber by select the emails and using the Unsubscribe button
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