Tesseract + gImageReader – How to Add English Dictionary

This tutorial is in continuation to Get Optical Character Reader – English. Please go through this tutorial to Download, Install and Use Tesseract OCR Engine and gImageReader.

Now we should add English Dictionary for spell check.

1. Download English Dictionary

2. UnZip the en_Us.zip

3. Copy the Dictionary to Appropriate Folder

Go to Windows Start ,
Select All Programs,
Open gImageReader Folder
and Select Spelling Dictionaries.
A Folder will open, copy the en_US.dic and en_US.aff files from the Extracted Folder to this folder.

4. Dictionary is Installed!!

5. How to use the Dictionary

You will need to reopen the gImageReader to See the dictionary into action.
Now when you Recognize a Document, the Output Panel will highlight the incorrect spelling with a red underline.
If you right click on the incorrect spelling, alternate suggestions will be given.
You can also add the word to the dictionary.

You are ready to use the OCR with the English Dictionary

Tesseract + gImageReader – How to Add English Dictionary

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